Top Menu, Now Live!

I’ve created a top menu based on my categories! Finally! Awesome! What was not so awesome was that I named that tope menu (found under Appearance > Menus > Menu Name) “40 Famous Faces”. The same as the category I made called “40 Famous Faces”. Uggggh. I did this because I thought I had to create each tab on the menu, and it was just a stupid mix up. The system got all confused. Then when I changed the menu name to Categories on Top, well the name of category itself was changed to Categories on Top. I ultimately deleted the menu I had created, fixed the category name, then had to reassign all the existing and scheduled posts. UGH. Fixing it thankfully wasn’t too terrible. Figuring out what was going on was the hard part.

Beware kids. These things know how to link to each other. Even if you think the field is just a name and won’t cross into the code. It will. Just assume it will.

And I realize now that I made a category called 40 Famous Faces and a tag called 40 Famous Faces. Sigh. I’m just going to hope for the best and not touch it. I did the same thing for the Sketches category and the Sketches tag. Crap. I’m just not going to touch it.

(I did touch them. Tried to delete the Famous Faces tag, since the category is what I really need. WordPress wouldn’t let me delete it.)

To set up your own top menu based on Categories:

The links I wanted:
Home (Pages > View All > Home: Home)
40 Famous Faces (Categories > Most Used > 40 Famous Faces)
Sketches (Categories > Most Used > Sketches)
Blog (Categories > Most Used > Blog)
About (Pages > Most Recent > About)

That Home page, that shows all posts, was hard to find. It didn’t show up under automatically under Pages, and I was pulling my hair, until I realized there was an option for View All. Duh.

Having that top menu was a big deal to me. I want to add other categories, like Fashion Girls (or Fashion Drawing), and I’ve got a little photography, and I need to scrounge up my gestures and traditional figure drawing and construction drawings, animations, etc.


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